Three Things to Do When Playing the Sand Shot

We all want to hit our golf drives a longer distance. We want to step up to the tee and blast one right down the middle some 300 plus yards just like Tiger Woods, or are his drives 400 plus yards? Ironically, often when we try to hit our drives further we have the opposite effect, and the harder we try the shorter the golf ball flies. It is common to start losing distance on your tee shots when you beginning trying too hard, it happens to even the best golfers, and unfortunately this can lead to frustration that can carry over into other shots as well.

There are all number of reasons for losing distance on your tee shots, but one of the most common is gripping the golf club too tightly. The next time you find your tee shots are not as long as usual, step back for a moment and consider whether you have a proper grip of the club.

Remove The Death Grip

In general most gofers grip the golf club too tightly. This is especially true for beginning golfers that have not learned a proper golf grip, but can also creep into more experienced golfer’s games. Like many aspects of the game of golf, it is counter-intuitive to think that greater distance is achieved by holding the club with a looser grip but that is just the case.

Tension in the golf swing will rid you of distance and so it goes that the number one enemy of distance off the tee is too much tension on the club. The reason is because everything about a good golf swing that you learn – the springing, winding up and down, the coil action, etc. is all meant to work in harmony to create the perfect swing, but only as long as your body is tension free. shot blasting machine

For example, you are not able to get the correct upper body turn and coil if your arms and body are resisting. The only form of resistance should be in the legs. Many golfers suffer from this problem, severe tension in their upper body, arms and hands.

The hands are the first place this tension starts to develop in – the “death grip” so to speak. To put it into more simple terms: you are basically just squeezing the club too tight. So when your tee-off drives start to lose distance the first thing to do is check the pressure of your grip.

So if you want to hit the golf ball further then loosen up your grip. If you are a beginning golfer learn the fundamentals of a proper grip and apply them, if you are a more seasoned player that is finding you are losing yards off the tee consider your grip pressure.


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