CISSP Certification Domains


With the increasing problem of threats from cybercriminals, IT companies have planned to hire cybersecurity experts who can help these companies to keep their network safe from these cybercriminals. This is the reason why companies are in search of professionals like CISSP certified skilled professionals to help their company. CISSP is the shortened form for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. This is one of the most renowned and comprehensively known certifications, which is considered the best quality level of the Cyber Security World. This reputed certification is directed and given by The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, which is commonly known as ISC2. The motivation behind why this honorable certification is viewed as the best quality level is as per the following:

  • Only 142,112 new and old professionals hold this reputed certification around the world, which incorporates 170 nations. This information is presented by ISC2 as of January 1, 2020.
  • The Military of the United States of America, as well as the Department Of Defense, additionally favors this in both IAM and IAT.
  • This certification has a record-breaking rate of 80 percent in the students’ fail rate. This certification is considered one of the most difficult exams in the world.
  • This certification allows a professional to secure knowledge and skills, which can then help him to protect the network from cybercriminals as well as help in maintaining that network by developing it.

We understood why CISSP is preferred in the It sector, now let us understand the various domains that CISSP covers in their syllabus. The CISSP syllabus contains a brief set of eight domains.

The eight domains of CISSP: 

  1. Security and Risk Management

The primary and most basic domain of CISSP is security and risk management, and this domain contains almost 15 percent of the total exam. This knowledge helps in understanding the various threats and risks, which are involved in the cybersecurity world. This domain consists of risk-based management concepts, while also giving the education of security governance principles.

  1. Asset Security

This domain is responsible for conducting the various tests on assets while monitoring their moment. Generally, the CISSP consists of a 10 percent portion of this domain. This domain educates the user of privacy, handling data and, various others.

  1. Security Architecture and Engineering

The security architecture and engineering domain contain a portion of 13 percent in the CISSP exam, while this domain teaches the user about the various engineering processes used in order to secure designs while this also helps in understanding cryptography.

  1. Communications and network security

This domain consists of 14 percent of the total exam, which the CISSP appears. Therefore, to help the professionals to learn the various secure design and secure communication channels.

  1. Identity and Access Management

The identity and access management domain are made to contain 13 percent of the whole portion of the CISSP exam. This domain has educated the professionals in handling the physical and logical access to assets, while this helps in the identification and authentication of the network.

  1. Security Assessment and Testing

This domain of security assessment and testing is eligible to contain a whole of 12 percent of the whole exam. This is the reason the professionals consider this domain to be the most useful as this consists of security control testing, test outputs while maintaining and collecting security process data.

  1. Security Operations

Security is the main aspect of CISSP; therefore, this domain of security operations is the most important in this line of work. This domain is said to consist of a portion of 13 percent of the whole exam. This domain is more useful to the professionals as this holds the key aspects of security and operations. Therefore, these domains generally consist of the knowledge of disaster recovery, logging and monitoring activities, resource protection, and much more.

  1. Software Development Security

Last but not least, this domain of software development security holds a total of 10 percent of the portion in the total exam that is conducted for CISSP. This domain is really helpful for professionals who won’t enforce the software security details on to the network. This helps in the proper safekeeping of the network as this allows the users to understand and learn the security cycle of software development while helping the professionals in gaining the knowledge of effective security management of the networks.

These are the eight most important domains on which the CISSP certification exam is based upon. These not just help in the exam, but these also help in network safety and management in the IT Sector.

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