Best Tips to Help With Your Canada Job Search

With the major concentration on skilled professionals, Canada is all set to become the ideal spot to permanently live and start your family. Apart from the abundant natural landscape, snowy mountains and rich and diverse history of cultural acceptance and tolerance, it is the ideal place to give your career the right momentum it needs.

With so many employment opportunities for the global talented workforce, a prospective candidate must have the apt knowledge on how to properly ace their Canada Job search in a way that lands them in a profession and designation that suits their profile as well as their needs and requirement when applying for a job with a Canadian employer.

With an unemployment rate at a mere 5.7% and decreasing at a steady rate, it is easier for potential candidates to secure themselves a job that contributes to the economic growth and progress of the rapidly developing Canadian economy. With a frequent rise in employment, that too in the private sector (+84,000) in comparison with what it was prior to 12 months, Canada is inviting more and more foreign immigrant skilled professionals to fill in the labor shortage faced by the Canadian economy in several sectors.

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To be able to work in Canada the best way is to apply for Canada work visa under the work permit that is issued to eligible foreign individuals who are looking forward to work in Canada for a specific period of time. To be able to apply for a Canada work visa, you must firstly have a job offer or an employment contract from a qualified Canadian employer. Here are some tips that can easily help you get that offer letter from a qualified Canadian employer:

Prepare a Resume and Cover Letter as per Canadian standards
Every country has their own workforce and job application process as per the job requirement, and so does Canada. To get shortlisted as a prospective job candidate with a Canadian employer it is advised to send or carry along with you a resume prepared according to the Canadian style and standards of job requirement. This must be no less than 2 pages which includes your most relevant work experience, not dating back to more than 10 years.

Upgrade and refine your Linkedin Account
If you have informed everyone at your workplace and Linkedin network of the country of your origin that you are moving to Canada, then remember to alter the location to Canada on your Linked profile. This is because the recruiters will favor local prospects more than overseas immigrants.

Place out what Canadian Accreditations you need
Research as to which extra accreditation or education you may require to easily transition in your career field in Canada. For this, it will be needed that you undertake an exam to validate the credentials of your country of origin. Stay away from unrecognized international credentials, that may hamper your job chances with a Canadian employer.

Ensure that you register with Free Pre-Arrival Government Programs
When you arrive in Canada the government provides free programs to aid you in finding work in a quicker manner. For this you can do an online registration for pre-arrival employment services prior to arriving in Canada. These programs expertly connect skilled newcomer professionals who hail from all the parts of the world to the Employment Specialist who will guide them in terms of navigating the Canadian job market for a suitable position.

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