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Steve Francis Dealt To The Knicks

With Orlando getting their 5th PG it was obvious that Steve Francis was going to be traded. On Wednesday the Magic traded him to the Knicks for Trevor Ariza and the ancient Penny Hardaway. Both parties think the trade will work but like most trades one is dead wrong. 918kiss

Orlando did the right thing. Though Hardaway makes more money than Francis his contract is up at the end of the year, which will clear up millions of dollars in cap room. With all the members of the 03′ draft becoming free agents this offseason the Magic should be able to make a splash the same way they did when they picked up both Hill and T-Mac in 00′.

And think again if you think that Hardaway will rejuvenate his career in Orlando. Remember that Brian Hill was fired the first time because Penny wanted him out. Now the two are back together and Hardaway is surely to either be waived or will be a bench warmer (either way his season is done).

As for the Knicks, it’s same-old-same-old. I’ve done so much criticizing of the Knicks that I’ve nearly run out of adjectives, but I’ll try to do this once again.

This move makes absolutely no sense for the Knicks. New York now has four Point Guards (Crawford, Robinson, Francis, Marbury) hogging one position. Francis’s contract runs for another three years after the season so they are stuck with him until 2009. By sticking with Hardaway they would’ve actually saved money. But I guess saving money isn’t big in the same city with the Mets and the Yankees.